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Join this exclusive group of parents of college-bound teens and stay up-to-date on what to do when in the college application process. Join for a few months or decide to be with us for the entire year’s curriculum. Monthly subscriptions may be canceled at any time.

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Confused about how to manage the college application process with your teen? Worry no more! Pay monthly and cancel anytime!

This monthly membership provides access to Lee and her amazing faculty in a private community of parents, offering timely advice and guidance in the college application process.

You may be worried about:

  • How will you pay for 4 years of college at these prices?

  • How will my student even get into college?

  • What is up with the AI and ChatBots? What will happen with essays?

  • Is testing really optional?

  • Where do we start? How do we stay on track and not miss deadlines?

  • What colleges are right for my student?

It can be overwhelming, but we have got you! In our group, you will receive:

  • Bi-monthly live sessions on topics that are timely and important.

  • Downloadable pages for each monthly topic reviewed.

  • Monthly private Q&A with Lee and access to her in the group 24/7.

  • We curate the best information for you and cut out the noise from the sidelines.

Additional services may be available:

  • Discounts from our partners on test prep, AP prep, and more.

  • A timeline of what to do and when.

  • Opportunities for research projects.

  • Packages for 1-on-1 consulting if needed.

  • Affordable, small-group sessions.

We love what we do and Application Blueprint is a place where families can receive AFFORDABLE COLLEGE CONSULTING. No one should have to pay full price for college.